November, things getting busy.

November 1st was my first day with the Juwi MacMillan Group, a Scottish/German company. I’m now all into Apple stuff, actually funny, if you know who I worked for for over 19 years. iPhone 4S and iPad2 are now my daily helpers and I’m enjoying this.
The company is some 700 Km north from Munich, some 100 south from Hamburg. I commute by flight every weekend which is not always hassle-free nor restorative but this is the only way to see wifie and the boys for a few days.
You can tell by the golf course on our campus (courtesy google maps) that there is a strong Scottish influence:


Hm, unfortunately I don’t play golf at all Smile


ChiliCrab, Eva’s jewelry design biz has been going strong the last months. 3 successful parties and some 20 custom orders have kept her busy. Besides that she has to take care of the online shop and prepare shipments to all over the world.
I have been asked to post some pictures of her work here and I never thought that would be a difficult task. And now that I have browsed the pictures on her website to do my choice, I find it extremely difficult to pick my favorites because I simply can’t decide. I have posted here the picture of my undisputed absolute favorite jewelry!
Please decide by yourself which is your favorite piece and click on the link below.




There are not many Ramen shops in Munich. Three in total. We checked out the first one. Very yummy but, compared to Singapore, extremely expensive! We can’t resist Asian food, so it is a matter of time until we have tried out the other two shops as well.



Take care and until next month (actually, in a few weeks)