Curry, salsas a gig and a contract

Frenzy, a best friend of mine for almost 30 years now, never left the music path and is today a professional in that area. One of his multiple jobs (and talents) is as the major tour coordinator and main sound mixer for a drumming legend. So it came that today I belong to a few selected that had the honor to have sat behind the huge drum set of Billy Cobham!  Ain’t that cool!:



Short after this concert we had another gig with our band. Again unplugged, something I’m enjoying more and more. A private party with some 80 – 90 people who loved our sets and danced and sung with us. Ok, I must admit that the influence of good Bavarian beer contributed massively to the success of this gig. Smile 


My acoustic setup

It is probably the very mild weather of this particular month of October that put me in the mood of making fresh salsas. Jalapeño, Jalapeño/Mango and a hot Habanero salsa was the result. The details of my salsas (as well as the recipe of my Margaritas) will not be disclosed here, just to increase the hype Winking smile

Salsa-1sFresh ingredients are key

Billy Cobham again! A few weeks after the concert of the star drummer I received a call from Frenzy asking if I would mind picking up him, Billy and the top UK bassist Michael Mondesir from the train station. They finished a 2 week tour in southern Europe and would arrive from Nizza. I didn’t think twice. As a small ‘thank you’ I was invited to join them for a curry that same night. It was awesome talking to Mr Cobham about his days with Miles Davis, George Benson, John McLaughlin and the Mahavisnu Orchester (which he co-founded), Carlos Santana, Stanley Clark and so many more. What blast!


Chilicrab, Eva’s jewelry design line, had a public exposition in a local cozy coffee shop. It was great to meet so many friends we hadn’t seen for years. Everybody was impressed about the amazing creations. A full success that the coffee shop owner wants to repeat it in November. Cool! Way to go!

I missed Halloween this year totally. It was really turbulent towards the end of the month. I signed the contract for a new job starting Nov. 1st. and there where so many things to take care of and preparations to be done that I simply didn’t finish this blog entry. Apologies for that. Details about this in next month’s issue

take care & until next time