1 Year Winckler’s

Dear Friends,

I almost cannot believe that I have been sending you our family monthly update for one full year now. I have tried several different periodical blogs in the past, like 3 attempts of a “365” ( posting a daily picture on flickr ) or others. But its only because of you, our friends, that I made it 12 consecutive months on this blog. We think we owe you to tell you how we are doing or what’s happening on our side. Since we don’t want to either spam you or even worse, be boring, we decided for this monthly format pointing out only a few highlights of the past month. There is email, chat or facebook if you feel the urge to hear more about us or, for any reason, you need updates more often.
We want to thank you for your interest on us and promise to keep up the monthly family newsletter. Let’s see if I can make it another year. And please, do feel free to tell us if you prefer to not receive it.

Yes, one year. I took me one year to finally get my 1983 Fender Jazz Bass repaired. But now its ready to jam! It feels great. And if you want more details on this please read on my music/bass blog “A Minor Bass Player”.

Fender Jazz Bass 1983-1s


We are experiencing a fantastic September, warmer than July. So once again we went to the mountains nearby. Once again our boys surprised us how good they can hike and how much they love it. Many times we thought it would be too difficult for them and we would have to turn around. But no! Cool!



But you don’t have to go to the mountains to enjoy the sun. We did exactly the contrary on a weekend: we drove to the heart of the city just to lay on the banks of the river Isar, which passes thru Munich. Not as quiet and peaceful as in the Alps but therefor with a variety of countless street cafes and restaurants.



I had birthday in September. I wished for a job but that hasn’t worked out yet Smile. So I got a milk frother which was long overdue given our high consumption. Now, my espresso machine and the first class tamper (a present from a very good friend) are no longer alone!

Illy Saeco Gastroback-1s


Thank you, take care and until next month!