A brand new Kawasaki

Elvis turned 4 years old. His birthday is one day after Singapore’s National Day. This time his new year did not start with a huge firework as it used to be since he was born…
I cannot remember to have had a concrete wish as for my present when I was his age (to be honest, I can’t remember a thing from when I was 4). But Elvis knew it. He wanted a green bike and a green helmet. Now we have a real Kawasaki in the house.



It only took him 15 minutes to learn how to ride a bicycle, maybe a result of riding Nelson’s Like-a-Bike for so long. It trains his sense of balance, his steering precision so he only had to learn to work the pedals.


We had friends coming to Munich and visit us. They spent 5 days here in the region and it seems they liked it. What I enjoy most now, is to see the place where we live, through their “eyes”. Watching the pictures of familiar places is specially enjoyable because Norbert is a very good photographer.


Would you believe that there are surfers in this city? I do not mean surfers like surfing the internet. I mean real wave surfers. Norbert took a few great shots, don’t miss his photo stream here.


The kids have 6 weeks summer holidays. Six loooong weeks. Nelson is lucky that one or the other friend of his is around to play and the weather is OK (for Germany).  Every other day we try to do something with the boys. A Maize Maze nearby sounded like a good idea and in deed it was a lot of fun. Even more fun if good friends join in and help you solve all the clues in the maize.

MaisMaze-3sSolving one of many brainteasers along the way

MaisMaze-5sEvery corner looks alike


Once again I’m job hunting. Whenever you think it’s appropriate do not hesitate to pass on my functional resume which you can find here. Or use this link: http://bit.ly/RobertWincklerResume. You can never know, Thank you! Winking smile

Take care and until next month.