Hot July.

On June 20, 1653 the Nuremberg town council issued an order concerning the sun solstice. Ever since the “Sommer Sonnenwende” is celebrated with big bonfires everywhere in Germany. Nelson can’t remember the bonfires he saw before we moved to Singapore and Elvis only knows Chinese New Year Smile

It was not difficult to discover the preparations as it is hard to oversee an almost 3 meter high pile of wood surrounded by a few hundred benches.


Fire-8sIt was an amazing heat!


The local beekeepers extract honey twice a year. Before they collect it in June they offer an open day to the public where everyone, mainly kids, can learn about every aspect of making honey . Literally there was a lot of “buzz” but no sting on us.


I asked the boys to pose in front of the bee house (that contained round about 20 beehives). They don’t feel comfortable I would say, non the less, I love their look:



As I mentioned a few month ago I have been playing with a band that covers Rock Classics. In March we a had an ‘regular’ gig, I mean loud, with amplifiers, monitors, lights and so on. But it was a private party and not open to public.
This time, in a small bar somewhere between Munich and the Alps, we made our unplugged debut. Also a debut, at least for me with this band: it was my first public gig that everyone could attend.
We rejected our pay and instead collected money from the crowed which we donated to help Somalia.

NN in Hohenthann-4s

NN in Hohenthann-8s

Take care and until next month.