50% Holiday

The kids had 2 weeks of Pentecost holidays. Sounds actually good at  first but it can be pretty boring for the poor boys. Unfortunately Eva and me did not have vacation and so it was guaranteed we would  hear at least once a day “I’m bored” or “I don’t know what to do”.

Luckily we are both flexible with our working times and were able to accommodate some ‘quality time’. Therefor working after sunset.

We discovered a new park on the way to the mountains that offered plenty of different and interesting things to do. There were several playgrounds but the falconry impressed the kids the most. (click here for photo slideshow)


BergTierPark-3Big bird landing

NelsonFalke-3and now ready to take off

Elvis and his kindergarten did a play. The Jungle Book. We were impressed how passionate he immersed into the complex role he had. He seems to be a natural talent for difficult parts: He played a plant.  Smile

ElvisThePlant-1Plant on its way to work



During holidays we often use to cook together with the boys. They enjoy helping. But this time we just provided moral support while being impatient waiting for fresh home made bagels




If you are wondering why I’m late sending you our “family newsletter” this time, here my excuse:


We are playing unplugged in a few weeks. Our second gig in this new formation and our first gig at all unplugged. I have been either rehearsing after work or practicing after dinner. And this is the time when I usually write blog. I hope to have a few pictures for next time.

Take care and until next month