Outdoor, always, almost.

When the weather is nice in the Munich area the possibilities for entertainment grow exponentially. The Alps, some 50 minutes away from our door step, become a pivotal part of our recreational plans. And Elvis, with not even 4 years, enjoys being outdoors a lot which makes it easier for us to make day plans that both kids enjoy.

We went to a gorge not far away from Innsbruck, but still in Germany (Innsbruck is in Austria). Spots like these always give a good story for kids, spooky and so. That also makes it easier to motivate them to go do something ‘boring’ like hiking.

Geisenbachklamm-10potable water

Geisenbachklamm-8tired Elvis, or afraid of the height?

Geisenbachklamm-6Bobby-Car downhill track


But we don’t need to go to the mountains to enjoy outdoor events.
Once every 5 years the small town of Putzbrunn (we live here, pop. 6000) sets up a new Maypole. This is a very traditional folkloristic happening, just across the street.
A click on any of the pictures below will take you to the photostream, must see!




And now to some business. Well, sort of. I just want to show you my actual meeting room. Interesting fact is that it got a good rating in Beerdrinkersguide.com http://bit.ly/j39CC3 Smile



A few things do happen indoor despite any weather condition. e.G. Nelson passed his first taekwondo belt test! Well done!



This is it. Short and sweet, don’t want to waste your time nor bore you.

I hope you all are well!
Until next month, take care.