Starting slow.

What a slow start into the year. The unhasty pace of the first few weeks helped us to recuperate from the several diseases we had in the last months. Although Eva had to go through one more. This time antibiotics had to do the heavy lifting, which they did. And Nelson had one of those extremely high fevers for 24 hours coming, apparently out of nowhere. As usual this “events” start on Saturday morning thus spoiling almost all the weekend.

I guess the local weather (topic #1 in Germany, remember? Smile) is not… I don’t want to slag nonstop! Fortunately my friend, Leon, sent me a present that is very useful in this season besides being very becoming. Judge for yourself:



In August we bought a brand new car, I think I already wrote about that somewhere here. The first breakdown after only 4000Km is unusual. The broken fuel pump was covered by the warranty, so no big deal. But try to tow away a van from an underground car park with a tricky narrow and curved exit. Up the ramp only with a towrope. This is how it looks like when you are sitting in the car that is being towed up the slope.



My Dad turned 81 a few weeks ago. As always we had Feijoada (same as I described in September) and a very fun time all together. One of those moments where I feel very lucky and very rich! This was definitely one the highlights of the month.

Difficult to understand that another highlight of this month would be going to the dentist! More difficult to understand is that someone could have so much fun like Elvis did. Well it was his first time and the doc had an intelligent psychological approach. judge for yourself, when was the last time you had such a good laugh at the dentist? Ok, I must admit it was his first time. Let’s see next time…



I close with this picture of us, or better said our shadows, waving to you and wishing we could be closer to you.



Until next month. Take care.