Nelson’s Month

A little belayed this time, apologies. I was in Hanover, a mid-size city in Germany known for its accent free German and the world largest computer trade show. And it is the trade show, the CeBIT,  that brought me up there and made it impossible to me to send this issue on time. It is funny that this big show may play an important role in my professional life again. Well, the show is over now, it was a big success for our small little company. More details on this maybe next time, next issue of this ‘newsletter’.

February is usually Nelson’s month. His birthday was on the 6th and he wished to have a party with friends. He picked the venue: a nearby farm that offers a special set up for kids. It was a blast for Nelson and all of his friends. They fooled around on the stacked hay bales, drove tractor with the farmer and learned a deal about all the animals they keep there.



The piñata did not work as planned but the kids did not care much as long as they got to the treats.


Eva had another exhibition of her jewelry together with the Singaporean and Indonesian girls she knows from last time. And once again they spend a lot of time talking about the good makan!


This month has been pretty successful for ChiliCrab (my wifie’s own jewelry brand). Not only good sales, she also has exceeded 150.000 views on her flickr account. Pay her a visit on her etsy shop, you will be amazed as I still am today:



Nelson started Taekwondo this month. He went there a couple of times so far and seems to be enjoying it. I think he hopes to make it as far as his niece Isabel which holds the blue belt and may go for the black belt in the summer. Isabel is 16.




Another work day in the Capital City of Germany, Berlin. Again at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. And I forgot a tie once again. Since we are a small 4-people startup company we cannot afford the big hotels in Berlin. But I must admit the old and low-budget hotels do have their own charm. It is in deed a very long time ago that I saw an antique elevator like this:

OldBerlinLift-1 - Copy

Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

BMWi-1 - Copy


Eva cooked many Asian dishes this month. So yummy! We now do appreciate even more what it takes do to something we considered a ‘simple’ dish like a Wonton soup.


When looking at this picture I feel like opening my own hawker center here, just thinking…


Until next month. Take care, all of you.