Dear Friends,

what a month this was! Our goods finally arrived, we are about to move into an apartment.  Nelson had his first weeks in the local school,  I have 2 Jobs, possibly 3 (don’t overrate this), and my birthday was a big Brazilian meal with the family. But one after the other:

It can be called attraction, when a 40’-container stops in a small town (pop. 6000) in Bavaria. Over 230 items and boxes were unloaded in 2 days. Only the big things were unpacked e.g. tables, cabinets, beds, etc. Meanwhile we have unpacked most of our stuff ourselves and must call us lucky that we only have a few ‘loses’ (a few scratches and one broken glass panel). Non the less, it’s still a big mess in the flat. Not everything has found its place yet and it will take a while until we can welcome you in our new home.

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What a coincidence. It was my Birthday, the 21st, when the huge container arrived. We decided to postpone my birthday to the following, more calm, weekend. Nothing big, only a lunch with family. Well, my Mom cooked 2 days to serve us one of the best Feijoadas I ever had!


Nelson started 2nd grade here in the local school. It was a bit unspectacular, to be honest. I guess that it’s normal for 2nd grade and the fact that we do not have to pay 20k SGD for the school, as we did in Singapore which grants you an inauguration ceremony:-)  
It was fun to watch the parents of the 1st graders wearing their traditional Bavarian attire for the ‘event’.

Talking about tradition Bavarian attire… We missed out completely the Oktoberfest Bicentennial, so I will not be able to post any pictures. What is a real pity is that Nelsons Lederhosen would have fitted Elvis nicely. And the way the boys are growing, I doubt he will be fit in it next year.

My first official business meeting in the last 9 months. Very official, at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and I managed to forget my tie, great! It was ok to be slightly under-dressed, I guess due to the nature of the topic: “Trusted Cloud Computing” (computer nerds stuff). The company I’m helping out at the moment, eGovCD, is based in Berlin, but I can work remotely from Munich. 


My second job is located here and I will start there in October, but this will be a topic of the next following ‘newsletter’.

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Until next month. Take care.