Happy Halloween

Dear Friends,

we finally moved into our new apartment. Things are slowly finding their place and we, we are finding our ‘orbit’. We thought we were far from ‘back to normal’ but we are realizing that we are defining our new ‘normal’. We are now making decisions in, at least to us, new areas, taking bold risks and new directions and thus actively reshaping our future.

This is the right time to say “THANK YOU” to our friends in Tanzania who were so kind and let us stay in their flat in Munich for several weeks, actually a couple of months. Werner, without your help we would not be able to restart!

I moved into my new office early October. Funny that a small little remark I made on Facebook forced me to share a few pictures and I realized from the comments to those photos, that the first things I had set up in the office was the espresso maker and the bass amp. Feels good to know that my priorities are (still) right! 😉 Keep the fingers crossed that everything works out.

VEHQ-6 - Copy

Looking back to the 10 months of ‘forced holidays’ I had in 2010 I relaxed quite a bit but also accomplished a few projects, some of them of personal nature: The relocation back to Europe was for sure a very big task for everyone in the family, but the NLP practitioner has had the biggest impact on me. Now, I’m on my way to become a certified (classic) Feng Shui consultant. I also need you to keep your fingers crossed for this one, please. Can anyone help me translate what reads on the red cover of my luopan, please?

Luopan-1 - Copy

Elvis‘ had his first day in a German Kindergarten. He enjoyed it a lot and did not whine for a second. If you know Elvis, you understand this :-). After the second day he didn’t want to come back home.
We do miss Nelson’s and Elvis’ former Kindergarten in Singapore. It was a different standard and quality, no question. And although  the fees are also very different  (only 90€/month here) we would not hesitate and put our kids in the hands of our beloved teacher Amruta again.

KiGa_Day1-6 - Copy

Nelson’s class had a fun and entertaining drumming session. Teacher and class mates rehearsed a few times before performing for us on the Djembes. At the end the parents had to join the drumming horde, very fun!

NelDrumming-3 - Copy

Thanks to the USA a traditional Celtic festival named All-Hallows-Even, itself not attested until 1556 has been growing in popularity here in Europe again. Although Halloween is not as big as in the US, and will never be, we went out  trick-or-treating. A huge fun!

Halloween-10 - Copy

For all October pictures click HERE and enjoy. If you want to see it on full screen mode please press this button on the lower right end of your screen:

I hope you all had a “scary” Halloween 😉

Until next month. Take care.