Fuoco e ghiaccio. Fire and Ice

The last deed in the previous month of October was to adjust all the clocks in the house back to ‘normal’. The DST (daylight saving time) always ends on the last weekend of October. Nowadays almost every appliance or device comes with a clock and only a few of them, like Notebooks or radio-controlled watches, do adjust automatically.

So we started November with a “new” time but also with unusual temperatures for this month. Maybe the temperatures of around 16°C must be blamed for influencing my decision to buy a Gilera Fuoco 500ie. Since I have to cross the city a few times a week to go to my office I need a means of transport that copes best with traffic, weather conditions and gives me independence of timetables of public transportation. With its 3 wheels the Fuoco (Italian for ‘fire’) delivers most of that at lower maintenance costs than for a 4-wheeler. Taxis here are, unfortunately, not affordable as they are in Singapore.

Fuoco-2 - Copy


When all 4 of us are on the road, we of course use our car. Like when we took the kids to an indoor playground as the temperatures dropped and the wind picked up and made playing outside too uncomfortable. The place was very fun and the kids had a blast! Imagine of it as a GoGoBambini, just in big. You can spend hours in there, if you have a thick book with you, the better.



November weather changes quickly and can turn out to be nice, at least for a short while or even a few days. During Veterans Day (I never noticed this day before) we had a perfect blue sky, sunshine with relatively mild temperatures which was good for the short Lederhosen a few of the attendees had on. Sometimes this weather also leads to interesting incidents like emerging fog from out of nowhere. I saw that on my way to a meeting in the country about 50km south of Munich. Unfortunately I still don’t have my “Fuoco” yet.



Off topic: Look what I found almost across the place we live! Heaven! A well-assorted music store. About 200m from door to door. Danger!



Advent season started and the first Christmas markets are already on. We visited the local Christmas market of our small little town to get into the right mood for the upcoming season, but the temperatures have dropped severely meanwhile (end of November, -7°C) and that alone helps you get into the right xmas mood. 



This is the last blog post for this year, since I try hard to stick to a monthly schedule. We (Eva, Nelson, Elvis and me) wish you a Merry Christmas! Njoy the last few weeks of the year and do have a very happy New Year!


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Until next month. Take care.