2 Months Ago

Dear Friends,

2 months ago we left Singapore and moved back to Munich, Germany.

We were welcomed by a nice warm weather with somewhere around 31°C at only 38% humidity. This made the first days easier. The family had only to cope with the jetlag and not with a temperature shock, what is usually the case when you come to Germany, no matter what time of the year.

Our house is rented out well and we don’t want to change that. We initially wanted to move into a temporary housing, but that is not very popular in Europe. The few offers you do find are good enough to accommodate single business individuals but definitely not a family of 4. So, Eva and Nelson moved to our former neighbors while  Elvis and me moved to my Mom and Dad for the first few weeks until we sort out further things.

We are lucky to have friends that have a 150m² apartment south of Munich but they themselves live in Tanzania. They only need the flat for a couple of month around Christmas every year. Now, our family is united again. Well, not quite: Nelson left with his “godparents” on holiday on the Aida for a 2 week cruise in the Mediterranean sea. Lucky him!

The kids enjoy family and friends a lot and it’s nice to see my father and Elvis bonding on their very own way, something that is difficult to do via Skype. Nelson is happy to do crazy thinks with his cousin and spending time with his “godparents”. But a few other things, things he did before we moved to Singapore, he would not remember, like climbing up the “Alter Peter” (an old church built by Henry The Lion in 1158 A.D.), or picking strawberries. He is having first impressions of certain things for the second time, funny. Check out the link to the picture stream below.

Alter Peter-1 - Copy
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Eva and me started reconnecting with friends and I continue my job-hunt. Although according to the press the job market should be softer in Asia, it seems to be easier here to me due to the network of former co-workers, business partners and “old” friends with a bunch of ideas. No, I don’t have a job yet but a few opportunities are becoming more concrete, yet no contract lays on the table ready to be signed. So, we use the idle times to hike in the Alps and lakes around Munich.

Teegernsee-1 - Copy
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We hope our stuff arrives here soon. It’s strange to live without your personal belongings for such a long period of time. This will be a topic of the next following ‘newsletter’.

Until next month. Take care.