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April Fool’s Trick

Samstag, April 30th, 2011

According to the weather recording data this April has been one of the warmest in decades! Good for us! We have been outdoors most of the time. It is easier to go downtown and have an awesome espresso with friends or meet them at a beergarden. With temperatures around 20 °C it also very nice to ride our bikes (or my motobike Winking smile)

But not only downtown Munich has been the destination of our trips, also the near by mountains. We are lucky to have the Alps just a 50 minutes drive away.
You may have heard about Garmisch-Partenkirchen, there are tons of excellent hiking possibilities there. Many of them are also very good suitable for smaller kids. We went to the ruins of the castle Werdenfels (built 1249 A.D.). A beautiful day!




Click HERE for all photos of our hike to Ruin Werdenfels.

We had our first real vacation since we came back to Europe. Austria is not far away from where we live, and there by the Achensee, the largest lake in Tyrol to be more precise, there is a Kinderhotel we went to. This hotel is focused on kids! Everything is tailored for minors and it is very reassuring that there is no couple without children in the whole hotel. Initially we thought that this holiday would be a “sacrifice” we bring for our kids since we did not expect to chill a minute. But it was surprisingly relaxing! The kids had so much activities to choose from that we were not important anymore. We had such a good time, and all of that only 80KM away fro home! We may do that again in summer or fall.




HERE you can view all pictures of our holiday in Tyrol.

Everybody knows it. April 1st is April Fool’s day. It was my day. Not yet noon and I had been fooled 3 times. And the worst was that it took me long to realize what was going on!

Well, at least I was a good laugh for my environment. Smile

Take care and until next month.

Rock’n Roll and vintage

Dienstag, April 5th, 2011

I mentioned CeBIT last time. Now I can show you a few pictures of our appearance as a start-up on the Microsoft booth in Hanover. Me and my boss were there which accounts to 75% of the total staff of our small little company.


P1040859 - CopyAfterwork


But now Rock’n Roll.

Early this month I had my first gig with “Nick’s Noise” a Rock’n Roll cover band. I took one of my basses to the CeBIT because we only had 4 rehearsals before the gig and I had to practice at least 10 songs in my room after each day of work at the trade show. To be honest, that’s not a punishment to me.


For the first time in years, and I mean many years, I got paid for playing music!  I had so much fun. Hope for many more gigs to come. And if the pay covers the 6-packs we need for practicing the better. Smile

A gig of a different scale: The Jamiroquai concert in Munich Olympia Halle. JK is an amazing musician and his 12 piece band grooved out fine! I bet he can get a few more 6-packs with his pay than me.



I was twice in Berlin this month. In order to unburden our travel budgets we try to find inexpensive accommodation for our stay. The hotels we dig out are absolutely OK but they are in very old buildings built around 1900 – 1930. It is very tempting to make photos look antique when you are inspired by almost everything around you.


If you scroll down to the month of March you will see a pic of an old elevator from another similar hotel in Berlin. Sometimes it’s only the wireless lan access code that you find in your room that reminds you that this is in fact the 21st century.

More vintage.

Cars have a huge tradition in German history. I’m not telling you anything new here… So I took the family to the Mobility and Transportation Museum in Munich. I wanted to show the boys old motorbikes, trains and cars like this beautiful Alfa.


But we never expected to see the first “car” ever built! Doesn’t look much like a car though…

FirstCarEver-1sBenz Patent Motorwagen, 1885

So many cars and so many bikes we saw. Good that it’s getting warmer, I will be riding my motorbike more often soon, oh yes! And who knows, maybe next month you will see the first pictures from hikes in the Alps and visits to several Beergardens. Mug

Until next month, do take care.